Youthful Tourney Talk

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The tournament always starts before the tournament right? Not for me. I wanted to prefiish the lake (Lake Konowa) the day before. My school basketball team was playing in the state tournament, so I was across the state cheering them on (which they ended up winning). That night I went through the usual routine: rigging, packing, preparing. The tournament started smoothly, got there on time and was rigged and ready with time to spare. After a few short minutes talking with my dad, blast off! My dad and I made a mad dash to the spot we wanted to hit first, a very profound point. The wind however made it very difficult. Later in the day I moved to another shoreline I wanted to fish, but was again denied by the wind… I decided to ram myself into the weeds and fish shallow. About 15 minutes later I catch a 12 inch buck bass and had my pattern for the day, a texas rigged fluke jr. I originally wanted to sit in 6-8 feet of water and fish a lipless crank bait, but a lack of an anchor Chris Montgomery - image (2)prevented that. I eventually went sometime without a bite and headed across the lake to fish new shoreline. During this time I had some camera trouble and my pictures were all messed up, which made for a fun time… I eventually decided to fish a weed point that was being hammered by the wind. On my second cast my fluke got hammered but I missed the fish. I made a second cast and bam, a 14.25 inch fish, by this time I had a technique to my picture taking and it wasn’t a major issue. I decided to fish the shoreline from the point for about 50 yards and then back tracked. About halfway back I managed a 14.5 incher and was pretty happy. I paddled over to another side but couldn’t manage another bite, and then it was time to head back. The scoring was fine and all pictures counted. After a short rain delay then prizes were given out, some awesome door prizes that I didn’t win too.  As a whole the tournament was a success, and I took home a $50 gift card to a local kayak shop, which I spent on an anchor trolley after that day full of wind! Couldn’t have done it without my Lure 11.5 and the rudder! The tournament was a nice reminder of how fishermen have to be persistent, patient, and willing to adapt, I’m already prepping for the next tournament and what it offers!!

-Chris Montgomery Chris Montgomery - image

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